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Your economic and creditworthiness data for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & NAV

Delivery against invoice or prepayment?

How are our business partners developing?

Where can we quickly obtain well-founded information on companies at home and abroad?

More and more companies are opting for a risk assessment:
Business information from CRIF
But how and where do you optimally integrate the use of valuable information into your company processes and company data? It makes sense to do this where all other commercial data is
data is recorded and used: In your ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which becomes even more effective as a result.

Your business information
for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365

They are all retrieved and managed directly from your customers, vendors or contacts
Research, enter and correct your business partner addresses with the phonetic online search as an integrated service: no more tedious typing and errors
Safety thanks to the individually configurable traffic light warning system
Automatic time-controlled update
Research orders and foreign inquiries
Storage of historical entries as a development overview for your business partners

In addition to information from Germany, they receive full Skyminder integration


Fast access

Company information from more than 200 million companies in over 230 countries and regions

High quality reports

also from regions where obtaining information is a major challenge, e.g. Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America

Globally standardized layout

of the reports with impressive depth of information

Intelligent search logic

for quick and easy identification of the companies


and comprehensible risk assessment of companies


the ownership structure and shareholdings

Structuring the information

for a quick analysis of the most important data

High flexibility

thanks to the availability of different solutions depending on the respective needs


of financial information (balance sheets, key figures, etc.)

Continuous monitoring

of risk assessments and credit recommendations


the acting persons/management

Regardless of data availability

The optimum monitoring solution is always automatically offered to you in the individual countries. Price transparency and disclosure of information suppliers with choice

Simple administration

of changes and updates in the portfolio

Individual support

by a team of international specialists in every information search, from routine routine queries to complex searches

In a global environment which changes at your customers and suppliers can have a significant impact on business relationships, you need up-to-date and reliable information quickly. In order to make well-founded decisions, it is important to always be informed about the current situation and future developments at your business partners.

Uniform structure

The display and retrieval of data is identical throughout the Dynamics contact, customer, vendor and information entry. All information is stored in independent information entries.
entries. The most recent entry can be viewed directly in the corresponding contact, customer and/or vendor,

older entries can be called up from there as a history. This simple but powerful structure ensures optimum integration, quick learnability and high employee acceptance.


The Monitoring solution offers you the most comprehensive depth of information. The prerequisite for activating monitoring is a previously obtained full report. If you have activated Monitoring, you will receive an automatic notification about the type of change and the area affected. An updated, free report is also available to you.

This makes CreditSolution2Dynamics

perfectly into existing processes

  • All information available at a central location, directly at the relevant process (e.g. offer)
  • Avoidance of costly errors, double entry and duplicate queries
  • Automatically updated information and monitoring of your business partner development
  • Configurable authorization structure for queries and entries
  • Enforcement of a uniform credit policy is facilitated
  • Greater security and considerable reduction in workload


Traffic light system

The traffic light system allows you to determine the credit rating index or score at which your company is warned. Through individual customization, automated actions can be triggered in NAV when certain conditions occur, e.g. delivery block, etc.

Planned Revision

Standing order

The Planned Revision solution involves automatically obtaining an updated report within a specified period. The prerequisite for activating Planned Revision is a previously obtained credit report. Planned Revision is a standing order and is suitable if you need an up-to-date snapshot of the company at regular intervals. This allows you to assess whether the company's situation has changed or not. The following update intervals are available: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Suitable information

for every need

Credit Solution saves credit reports in Dynamics either simultaneously or in four different ways:
Text entry: the traditional form - easily reusable via editor.
PDF: The perfectly laid out presentation of the data in the form of an exposé, which often comprises 10 pages or more for large companies
Fields & symbols (traffic light etc.): Directly in the contact, debtor, creditor and credit reference entry. Sensible selection from the available information, which is directly visible, structured and filterable.
Can be individually extracted from XML: Any information in structured form (often over 100 characteristics with their characteristics), for automated further processing.

All about


General questions

What is CreditSolution2Dynamics?

CreditSolution2Dynamics is the interface management of mse Software GmbH. It allows you to manage all interface connections to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central provided by mse Software GmbH with minimal effort.


Where does the data from Skyminder2Dynamics come from?

The data is provided via Skyminder and comes from CRIF. They obtain the data from local providers. You can view the exact provider in each report.

Would you like to get to know CreditSolution2Dynamics?We look forward to your inquiry!





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