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especially for IT companies

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ERP-Softwareespecially for IT companies

Simplify your daily work in the system house, as a software developer or IT service provider! With the SITE ERP system, you have all business processes integrated in one software solution: from initial contact to helpdesk and billing to controlling.

This is where industry expertise and product come together to optimize your business processes. With the SITE business software, your IT company is ideally equipped.



Would you like to do away with the patchwork of different software solutions for different application areas in your company? With the all-in-one solution SITE, intransparent processes and complicated workflows that arise when using multiple software solutions are a thing of the past. The SITE business software offers specific modules and functions for every industry.

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Integration& Application areas

This is how we introduce SITE to your company:

  1. First, the processes of each department are defined and the requirements are highlighted
  2. The existing processes are visualized and combined into modules. Individual adaptations are no problem.
  3. We then set up the master data and users in your new ERP system and implement your workflows for more efficient processes.
  4. Your employees are then trained in the use of the business software and final tests are carried out. Then everything is ready for new projects in SITE.

anytime and anywhere

You can use SITE on your desktop, tablet or smartphone with Windows, Android or iOS


invoice more

Integrated time recording ensures that all your consultants' expenses can be billed


more overview

With SITE, you know all the figures, from employee utilization to order and project status to helpdesk and finances


Flexibly scalable

SITE adapts to the changes in your company and grows with you

Discover the many possibilities you gain with SITE

SITE stellt für viele Anwendungsfelder eine effiziente Basis dar. Dabei ist die Unternehmenssoftware für die Anwendung in Betrieben mit Fokus auf IT-Themen konzipiert. Mit SITE optimieren Sie Ihre gesamten Geschäftsabläufe in einer Software-Lösung.

SITE for software developers

Rely on efficiency in the planning and development of software applications. With SITE, you can keep an eye on your processes and times and fully utilize your resources!

Get to know the ERP system for software developers

SITE for IT service providers

Benefit from the clear structures of the SITE ERP solution! Here you can manage all your projects, times, orders and finances in one software. This optimizes business processes and makes more efficient use of working hours.

Get to know the advantages of the ERP system for IT service providers

SITE for Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

With SITE for CSP, you can design your cloud contracts in a simple and structured way. Offer bundles can be fully customized and billing works automatically.

Discover SITE for cloud solution providers

SITE for IT system houses

Where sales, consulting and IT service are under one roof, the ERP solution should also be from a single source. Work more efficiently and offer your customers the best service with the business software that supports you in all areas of work.

Discover the ERP system for IT system houses

SITE – powered by Business-Central

Do you want to work with a system in which everything meshes seamlessly? With SITE based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, IT companies can easily link their customized ERP software with Outlook and Office programs.

Find out more about the coherent ERP solution​​​​​​​

Efficient ERP for IT service providers and software developers

We offer a comprehensive, cloud-based ERP system for IT service providers - the complete solution for your project management. You can manage usage-based contracts such as SaaS, IaaS or CSP subscriptions with minimal administrative effort. Our established and well-founded implementation method provides you with competent knowledge. The results: high customer satisfaction and efficient employees thanks to intuitive and smooth processes.
Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

IT industry solution for system houses, software developers, IT service providers


Powerful ERP for more transparency, efficiency and security

SITE is the ERP solution for service providers

Why should IT service providers work with the SITE business software? Quite simply:


Control your IT services effectively

Resource planning, appointment synchronization, time recording and travel expense accounting are automated on one system platform for all business processes.

Plan your projects successfully

Project planning, intermediate project steps, the budget and individual invoicing are covered in SITE, as is the option of post-calculation.

Maintain an overview of your contract management

Whether licenses, support contracts or regular services - with SITE you can manage everything clearly and easily.

The focus is on you as the user

All relevant data can be easily found by all users, depending on their authorization. This allows cross-departmental workflows to be designed more efficiently.

SITE is flexible and future-proof

New features and functions are regularly added to SITE to make it more convenient for you to use. Even individual SITE packages for your company are no challenge for us!

SITE for software developers: one ERP for all areas

Software developers also benefit from SITE. As a comprehensive ERP system, all services, planning and developments that you offer can be mapped and processed in SITE. Achieve new goals with an ERP system for service providers in the IT sector. With SITE, you can easily manage the most important areas of your projects:

Contract billing

All contracts at a glance

Time tracking

Simple time recording of project or customer hours worked

Project management

Quickly create new projects and assign responsibilities, simple order management

License management

License management for all customers

Resource planning

Better cooperation with optimal member administration


Keeping an eye on all customer concerns for efficient and customer-oriented support


How you benefit from SITE as an IT service provider

The SITE ERP system is being continuously developed. Our comprehensive and integrative ERP solution for IT service providers not only maps process chains and supports the ERP system, but also links all business processes and makes them more efficient.

This gives you

More transparency about company processes and business status

More transparency about company processes and business status

Meaningful figures and statistics

Meaningful figures and statistics

Efficient processing of customer projects

Efficient processing of customer projects

Less administrative effort

Less administrative effort

More employee productivity

More employee productivity

the ERP software that solves all your IT company's requirements

SITE in operation

SITE in operation

We are and will remain your partner: After the go-live, our cooperation continues. We are there for you today, tomorrow and in the future. If you have any questions about SITE, you can reach us easily by phone, e-mail or via our online service portal.

Migration of your SITE solution package

Migration of your SITE solution package

When upgrading to a higher SITE version, we support you in the usual way: quickly and easily. Our ERP software always meets your requirements in terms of functions and interfaces.

Consulting and service

Consulting and service

If you have any questions about SITE, you can reach us easily by phone, e-mail or via our online service portal. You can also view the current status of your inquiries and tickets there at any time.

Added-value information for you

Added-value information for you

We always keep you up to date with the latest developments relating to SITE, Microsoft and the industry. For example, we offer you special events, newsletters and webcasts.

SITEfor cloud solution providers

Usage-based billing made easy
Efficient cloud billing with SITE for Microsoft CSP

SITE Cloud Solution Provider Image

Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers manage their cloud contracts efficiently with SITE

A growing number of Microsoft partners are now also CSP: Cloud-Solution-Provider. They are thus meeting the growing demand for IT services from the cloud in Germany. As Microsoft is gradually converting its license models to CSP providers, cloud contract management with SITE is the ideal solution for your license management.


Centralized customer management

You advise and support your customers, offer solutions or solution bundles and bill them yourself.


More flexible contract terms

One-year terms are a thing of the past. With Microsoft CSP, you can design your terms simply and flexibly.


Simple billing

Automated processes and well-structured contract management make it easier for you to invoice your customers.


Individual service packages

You create your own bundles from your own services and Microsoft products and cloud applications.


Self-service portal

Licenses can be added by customers at any time. These are automatically included in the invoice.

Cloud services: the new challenge for IT service providers

Providing cloud computing services is only part of the challenge that a Microsoft CSP and other cloud service providers have to master. The real art lies in handling the cloud solutions profitably, from the offer to monthly billing. Processing usage-based contracts such as SaaS, IaaS or CSP subscriptions in large quantities causes enormous administrative effort. This reduces profits. The solution for Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers is therefore Cloud Contract Management with SITE.

Microsoft cloud services: easy to use and handle

Singhammer provides the appropriate connectors for Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Tier 1 and for Microsoft CSP Tier 2 that work with the platform (e.g. ADN). This means that CSPs no longer necessarily have to work in the Microsoft portal. They can create customers and subscriptions directly in SITE. By the way: We also have a generic connector. Just ask us!


CSP provider: flexible cloud billing with SITE

With SITE, cloud providers can manage masses of changing usage data automatically and efficiently. In-house and third-party services can be bundled into product packages ("bundles") and appear in a single item for the end customer. And this goes right through from the quotation to the order to the invoice. The contract or contract type to which a particular service is assigned can already be specified in the quotation or order. If this contract is then selected, the contract is automatically extended to include this service upon delivery. Contract invoicing also automatically distinguishes between an invoice and a credit note. Your customers will then automatically receive a credit note if they use less than they previously paid for.

SITE - das Microsoft-Dynamics-ERP powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) means that all company processes are mapped and interlinked in one software solution. This is exactly what SITE offers: it is a business software that integrates all business processes in your company so that they interlock seamlessly. Our all-in-one solution SITE is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Dynamics 365 Business Central is the technical successor to the globally successful ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Navision.

What you get withSITE

IT industry solution for system houses, software providers and IT service providers
Long-term strategy and support from Microsoft
Outlook and Office integration
Microsoft-certified IT industry solution
Individual Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution with a focus on the typical requirements and needs of IT companies
an on-premise solution on your server for internal and external access
Regular updates and optimization of our software

Clear finances

Transparent figures
Accounts receivable and accounts payable management
Optimized financial forecasts

Sales and field service

Acquisition measures
optimized time planning
resource planning
offer preparation
Service level agreements (SLAs)
repair processing (RMAs)

Reliable customer service

Preconfigured service processes
proactive service
Quick recognition of customer needs
self-service portals

Project management

Track progress in real time
Time recording
Document digitization
Efficient planning
invoice management
Management of all team members


Save time and money thanks to theMicrosoft Dynamics SITE

SITE builds on the flexibility of Dynamics 365 Business Central: The Microsoft product as the "core" of our ERP IT industry solution and individual customizations as required enable a perfect workflow for all processes in your company. SITE stands for scalability and maps typical business applications, especially for SMEs in the IT sector - from customer relationship management (CRM) to order management and projects through to financial accounting and controlling.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


With SITE, you also benefit from Microsoft's future-proofing, development resources and expertise. The Microsoft timeline provides an overview of the history and strategic direction of Dynamics 365 Business Centers.


Navision Financial



Navision Attain


Microsoft Business Solutions Navision



Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials



Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, Business Edition


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


No more silo mentality

No more silo mentality

Tasks and workflows are automated and efficiency is increased

meaningful insights

meaningful insights

Smart technologies connect all data and provide easy access to business analytics

Develop individual solutions yourself

Develop individual solutions yourself

SITE grows dynamically and flexibly with your company, so the software developments are successively adapted to your needs

FAQEverything about ERP

What is an ERP system?

A software solution for enterprise resource planning (ERP) enables holistic mapping of all processes in the company. Our IT business solution SITE is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The ERP system provides system houses, software developers and IT service providers with an ITSM (IT service management) that guarantees transparency and information flow - from the provision of services and the helpdesk to time recording and controlling.

Note: An ERP system should not be equated with an enterprise resource planning system. Rather, the ERP system is the superordinate software solution that includes merchandise management.

Would you like to get to know SITE?We look forward to your request!





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