Hardware and software trading with SITE

The ERP system for trading with articles, subscriptions and more

Supplier catalogs, runtime monitoring, project prices and much more: SITE powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central perfectly meets the special needs of the IT industry in the retail sector. For example, the product portfolio can be imported into the SITE catalog item master directly via manufacturer configuration or using our specialized ITscope interface.

In addition to hardware and software subscriptions, warranty extensions and their terms can be clearly monitored at any time. SITE displays all data in an installed base per customer. With the tailor-made B2B interface, customers can be connected directly and processes streamlined. The bottom line is that the SITE IT industry solution is designed for all the special features of the IT trade.


Article care

Keep article master up to date

Serial numbers

Manage articles with serial numbers

Direct deliveries

Send deliveries from the manufacturer directly to customers

Monitor contractual services with the ERP system for retail

It can be crucial for IT companies and system houses to keep an eye on their customers' contractual services at all times. This is because many of these services are limited in time. This makes it easy to create renewal offers in good time, which can be realized directly with the help of SITE - an advantage in two respects.

When selling software or hardware, SITE makes it possible to sell service packages that include a warranty, warranty extension or other service. We explain what this function in SITE looks like in detail in the insight into the topic of contract duration monitoring.


Useful function for creating quotations with ERP software

Excel files can be imported into SITE without any additional modules or interfaces, which can then be used to create quotations. If, for example, system house employees are supplied with Excel-based configuration files by suppliers, they can import the data from these quickly and easily. In the next step, individual quotations can be prepared on the basis of this data. A few clicks are all it takes! SITE thus includes an additional useful feature for IT companies that enables them to create quotations quickly and without errors. This means that SITE includes an additional useful feature for IT companies that makes it possible to create quotations quickly and without errors - a look behind the scenes of the configuration import provides an initial overview.

3 million current ICT products directly in the ERP system for retailers

SITE's connection to the ITscope platform enables IT companies to access 3 million up-to-the-minute ICT articles in a targeted and fast manner before the competition. On the one hand, availability, prices and detailed product information can be viewed in no time at all. They can also be ordered directly from SITE. More than 370 distributors are responsible for maintaining the range - so the information is reliable and virtually first-hand. An optimierte ITscope interface ensures the complete and simple integration of all ITC products available via the ITscope platform.


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